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Lay Leadership

A listing of our board of trustees, our executive committee, and selected committee chairs.

Executive Committee

Jenna Saidel Lebowich, President:
Juli Klein, VP Education:
Heidi Gralla, VP Facilities:
Andrew Loose, VP Financial Planning:
Pam Chernoff, VP Programming/Ritual:
Elizabeth Hiller, Secretary:
Andrea Einhorn, Treasurer:

Board of Trustees

Bonni Arbore
Ashley Bendell
Josh Elkin
Nancy Fishman
Marjorie Glusker
Joy Gralnick
Gail Hacker
Abby Hirsch
Toby Linder
Andrew Rosengarden
Steve Sagner
Steve Schwartz
Andrew Farber, Immediate Past President


Executive Committee — chaired by Jenna Lebowich, WCT President. Made up of the officers of the congregation, this group meets once a month to discuss matters to bring to the Board of Trustees and to act, when necessary and appropriate, if decisions must be made without adequate time to convene the full Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees — chaired by Jenna Lebowich, WCT President. Elected leadership of the congregation. Meets monthly to discuss and determine synagogue policy.

Jewish Life Committee — chaired by Lois Izes and Gail Hacker. With the Cantor and Rabbi, sets policy and supervises activities connected with Shabbat worship, religious observance, and holiday celebration.

Adult Ed — chaired by Abby Hirsch and Kate Krahl. Working closely with the educator, creates and implements a vision for ongoing, lifelong Jewish learning in our congregation.

School Board — chaired by Caroline Rosengarden, School Board President. Oversight of the religious school. Juli Klein (VP Education) and Abby Reiken (Director of Congregational Learning) are Ex-Officio members.

Security Committee - chaired by Steve Luftig.

Social Action Committee — co-chaired by Joan Farber and Roberta Roos.

Finance Committee — chaired by Andy Loose, VP Finance. Oversees finances of the congregation, including exploring revenue sources and monitoring spending and income during the fiscal year.

Marketing Committee — chairs "open". Develops marketing plans, places advertising, maintains temple website, handles PR, creates temple branding and marketing materials such as brochures and flyers.

Membership Committee – co-chaired by Joy Gralnick. Encourages and supports new members, and ensures that continuing remained connected to Woodlands.

Israel Committee – co-chaired by Jeanne Bodin and Corey Friedlander. Working to build meaningful connections between us and the nation and land and people of Israel.

Chesed Committee -  Let us know if you're willing to drive, prepare meals, or just provide companionship to someone in need in our community.

Endowment Committee - chaired by Andy Farber.

Fundraising Committee — chaired by Andy Loose, VP Finance. Develops and carries out events to raise money to defray the costs of various activities and works of the congregation.

Programming Committee — chaired by Pam Chernoff, VP Programming. Organizes social and cultural events for our congregants.

Youth and Family Engagement Committees — overseen by VP Education, Juli Klein and co-chaired by Michelle Popkin, Jennifer Rotem, and Sarah Berkowitz. Work with our Director of Congregational Learning to support and advance informal and experiential social and educational programming. 

Coffee House Committee — chaired by Jill Garland.  Runs “The Woodlands” coffee house.

Cemetery Committee — chaired by Michael Wiskind. Oversees sales of parcels owned by WCT at Sharon Gardens, as well as setting and reviewing congregational policies in connection with ownership and use of burial sites.

Hevra Kaddisha —  chaired by Elane Sands. Provides congregant-led shiva services in members’ homes when a loved one has died. Contact temple office

College Committee — chaired by Caroline Rosengarden. Facilitates contact between the congregation and our children away at college. Sends holiday mailings, and arranges vacation-time get-togethers.

Judaica Shop — chaired by Karen and Mark Fox. Offers high-quality Jewish merchandise for sale in the foyer outside the Sanctuary. Proceeds support temple’s operating costs.


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