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There are many ways to perform tikkun olam in addition to participating on one of our task forces. Consider contributing items to one of our collections or one of the Social Action Funds.

Non-Food Items

From time to time, we announce a collection of specific items such as clothing for Midnight Run or school supplies for the Lois Bronz Children's Center or housewares for the Domestic Abuse Task Force. Please check the pages for the individual task forces to find out what is needed. 

A word of caution: We appreciate the generosity of our congregants but we must ask that you not bring in items that are not the subject of a currently announced collection. Much as we would love to have them, we simply do not have the space or resources they require.

Food of the Month

The Food Cart greets you as you enter the Religious School lobby to remind us that at Woodlands we care deeply about the issue of hunger in our community. Drop in a non-perishable healthy food item as you pass or send one in with your Religious School child.

Monetary Contributions

Much of our work requires hands, time and effort. But much of it also requires funds. Please consider making a contribution to one of the following Social Action Programs.

  • Social Action Fund
    Funds a variety of activities and projects organized by the Social Action Committee
  • Disaster Relief
    Supports trips to communities that have suffered disasters to aid as well as donations to other groups engaged in this work
  • Domestic Abuse Task Force  
    Helps us to provide assistance to victims of domestic violence leaving the Hope’s Door shelter and reestablishing their lives
  • Hunger Fund
    Support organizations that help the hungry and homeless in our community
  • Interfaith Caring Community Fund
    Supports the work of the Interfaith Caring Community, a consortium of local churches and synagogues that provide continuous care for those in need, here in our local Greenburgh community
  • Midnight Run Fund
    Supports the congregation’s participation in Midnight Run, which collects and distributes food, clothes and toiletries to homeless people living on the streets of Manhattan
  • Project Ezra
    Supports the elderly Jewish poor of the Lower East Side
  • Steve's Hope
    “Helping to Open People’s Eyes,” this fund promotes social justice, individual responsibility, and moral action through the Civil Rights Journey, L’taken Political Action Seminar, and other projects. Established in memory of Stephen Lelewer.
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