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Confirmation at Woodlands Community Temple is a joyful and intellectual romp into major areas of Jewish thought and observance. At the end of the Confirmation experience, each of our 10th graders creates and presents a Statement of Personal Confirmation. The statement reflects the challenge to them, and to all of us, as Reform Jews: to inquire deeply into Judaism, and to make meaningful, personal choices about our faith and practice.

Components of the Confirmation curriculum may include any or all of the following: weekly class learning with the rabbis (Monday evenings during Academy), family learning (on four Monday evenings) to facilitate dialogue between students and their parents, a Shul-In (overnight) at the temple, leading a Friday evening congregational Shabbat service, a Civil Rights Journey retracing the path of America’s struggle for racial equality and the role of the Jewish community in that struggle, visiting other area synagogues, preparation for and leading of the Services of Confirmation, NFTY in Israel summer trip, Thanksgiving morning preparation of meals for the homeless, Christmas Eve Midnight Run to feed the needy in Manhattan.

The Confirmation curriculum grapples with the following subject areas: the nature of religion, the purpose of life, reasons and options for a belief in God, confronting the existence of evil, the what and why of prayer, how the Torah functions in our lives today, the meaning of Jewish community, the challenge of intermarriage, the invitation to and obstacles of Reform Jewish living.


Confirmation Students

Here are important materials to help you prepare for your upcoming Confirmation Service ...


Ellen Block Confirmation Israel Study Fund

Need help paying the bill for "NFTY in Israel"? Click here to complete an online application for financial assistance. Then email the completed pdf file to Rabbi Billy.

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