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Project Ezra

COVID has forced us to alter our regular programs for this agency that provides services to the indigent elderly on the Lower East Side. In lieu of our annual fall/winter luncheon, we have provided the seniors with Hanukkah goody bags and are grateful to our congregation for their donations that made this possible. Traditionally we have donated 50 boxes of Passover food to the seniors. This year, because of COVID, Project Ezra has asked that instead of providing filled boxes, we collect funds so that the organization can provide directly for the Passover needs of the elderly folks they serve. If you would like to volunteer OR make a donation to help us fund these programs, please contact the task force leaders. Thanks to all who donated to the Project Ezra food drive this past July.


You shall observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread, for on this day
I brought you out of Egypt; you shall observe this day throughout the ages
                                                                            as an institution for all time.
                                                                                                                                                                           Exodus 12:17

The commandment is clear – the festival must be observed every year. But anyone who has gone shopping at Passover time knows all too well that, for those of limited means, it is extremely difficult to stock your home with food appropriate for the festival.

For years, it has been Woodlands’ pleasure to help the elderly Jewish poor of the Lower East Side observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Year after year, we have filled boxes with Passover foods for these folks. They really rely on us for the food on their Passover table. Because of logistical complications of COVID, we cannot send the boxes this year. Instead, we are asking you to make donations, “sponsoring” the items you would otherwise purchase for them. We will then send the funds we have collected to the Project Ezra organization and they will assist the folks in obtaining the foods they need.

Click HERE, to choose the foods you want to sponsor and the number of each. If you – or your kids, if they are doing this – can’t decide which, you can choose “whatever is needed.” Then give your credit card information or send in your check and Woodlands’ Project Ezra team will do the rest. (It would be very helpful if you could do this by March 25.)

In Leviticus we are instructed to “rise before the aged and show deference to the old” – to honor the aged. How nice it is that we can keep this commandment by making it possible for the aged we honor to observe another commandment.

Any questions? Email Woodlands’ Project Ezra team at

Leaders: Harriet Kohn, Janet Weinstein and Elise Wagner Ballan,

Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyar 5782