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Project Ezra

Coming Up: Provide Passover Food for elderly of the LES

Project Ezra is a nonprofit organization that works with the frail Jewish elderly to live with dignity, companionship and community on NYC’s Lower East Side. Founded in 1972, we provide hundreds of elders with a variety of services and activities to reduce their social isolation and to enhance their lives. For much of that organization’s existence, Woodlands has maintained a caring relationship with it, hosting elders at luncheons at fall/winter and providing them with cartons of Passover food in the spring. 

We were so pleased that we were able to resume the luncheons at Woodlands this year. 

Because of logistical complications of COVID, this year, as in the last few years, we cannot send the boxes filled with food.  Instead, we are asking you to donate money, “sponsoring” the items you would otherwise purchase for them. We will then send the funds we have collected to the Project Ezra organization, and they will assist the individuals in obtaining the foods they need.

Please make your donation by March 16 so that we can get the funds to the recipients in sufficient time for them to shop. 

Leaders: Harriet Kohn and Elise Wagner Ballan,

Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783