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Our Religious School

Religious School Program Overview

Our religious school is a community where members of our WCT families explore becoming moral, confident individuals in relationship with one another and the world.

What makes us different? We are:

  • Unequivocally egalitarian. We believe women and girls should be fully included in all aspects of Jewish life, including a full bat mitzvah experience.
  • Proudly inclusive. LGBTQ+, interfaith and special needs folks are welcomed and cherished as part of the community.
  • Thriving post-bar/bat mitzvah. Our students stay involved well past the bar/bat mitzvah ceremony. We believe the real goal is for parents and children to be lifelong participants in Jewish life, constantly discovering how ancient wisdom speaks to our modern lives.


How are we responding to COVID-19?

We've named our 2020-2021 religious school season "Kesher." Kesher is the Hebrew word for "connection." Even though elements of our religious school year will have us physically apart from one another, everything we are doing is to promote a close connection between students, teachers, clergy and caregivers.


Kesher has three major elements:

1)  Kesher classes. Grades K-7 will begin the religious school year online. For information regarding days/times and curriculum, click here.

As the secular school year starts and the COVID-19 situation evolves, we plan to apply best practices and wisdom from the field. When we believe it is safe and physically possible to hold Kesher classes in person, we will slowly begin to do so with your input and partnership.


2) Gesher l'Kesher in-person family experiences. Gesher l'Kesher means "bridge to connection." Every few weeks, we will offer an in-person family experience at WCT. These experiences will be focused on topics outside of the normal religious school curriculum. The goal is to have them coincide with Jewish holidays as well as secular holidays when kids will be off from school (ie Columbus Day and Veteran's Day). The availability and nature of Gesher l'Kesher will of course depend on current state guidelines around in-person gatherings as well as the WCT COVID Task Force's assessments.


3) Kesher Kits. At the beginning of the year, your child's teachers will send home a basic list of supplies for hands-on activities (simple things like markers, glue, tape, etc.). To help enhance the learning-at-home experience, though, WCT will be providing "Kesher Kits" that have special materials, games, and activities. Some of these supplies will be customized and utilized by the teachers and some will just be for fun. Think of it as your own special WCT Kesher subscription box!


We are working hard to create a robust learning strategy for your child and your family. We understand there are many concerns: children having video-conferencing fatigue, the uncertainty of secular school schedules and childcare issues. We are committed to working with you to navigate these challenges. Our working schedule and enrichment opportunities have been crafted with flexibility so your child's particular needs can be met. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to be in touch.


We can't wait to share in this Kesher experience with you this year. Please make sure you are officially registered! You can do so by visiting


For more information regarding days, times, curriculum and fees, click here.

Thu, April 15 2021 3 Iyar 5781