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Getting News from Israel:

On-line English language sources

What makes the news in Israel is not always the same as what makes the news in the U.S. To get some perspective on what Israelis care about, you just need to turn to their daily newspapers. This list contains the major Israeli on-line news sources in English. All have Facebook pages, enabling you to get “breaking news” – but only if you “Like” them.


Paid subscription email edition, smartphone apps

Israel’s oldest daily newspaper.  Now published in both Hebrew and English.  The English edition is published and sold together with the International Herald Tribune. Both Hebrew and English editions can be read on the Internet. It is known for its staunch left-liberal stance on domestic and foreign issues. (Note: Only the first part of articles in the daily newspaper is accessible on line; you need to be a subscriber to have access to the entire newspaper.)

Jerusalem Post

Smartphone apps

Israeli daily English-language newspaper, founded in 1932 as The Palestine Post. While it was once regarded as left-wing, the paper underwent a noticeable shift to the right in the late 1980s.

The Times of Israel

Free email edition daily

A new Jerusalem-based online English-language newspaper that documents developments in Israel, the Middle East and around the Jewish world. Founding editor is David Horovitz, former editor of the Jerusalem Post. Claims to have no partisan political affiliation and to be fair minded in its analysis. Highly readable.

Ynet News

Ynet is the most popular Israeli news and general content website, which is the online outlet for Yediot Ahronot (Israel’s second largest print newspaper). However, all of Ynet's content is original work, published exclusively on the website and written by a purportedly independent staff.  Ynet was launched on June 2000 in Hebrew only, but since 2004 operates a short English edition, Ynetnews, which deals mainly with news and commentary.


The following list is of sites that compile, either in summary form or in whole, opinion pieces from newspapers. They, too, have Facebook pages.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This Israeli government department sends out a daily email containing summaries of the editorials from the Israeli press. It is a portal to all the major Israeli print newspapers. You can also sign up for other newsletters – government communiques, speeches, etc.


New - While Al-Monitor is not Israeli, it does contain items from Israeli newspapers – as well as items from newspapers of other Middle Eastern countries. It is an interesting source of information about the region. Each day, its editors select a diverse mix of articles to translate that are not otherwise available in the English language.

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