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Gun Violence


Help bring the Assault Weapons Ban to the Senate Floor before the Congress changes in January 2023. This is a National Effort!

What you need to know and do:

What is the bill:

This bill makes it a crime to knowingly import, sell, manufacture, transfer or possess a semiautomatic weapon or large capacity ammunition feeding device. The bill permits continued possession, sale or transfer of a grandfathered only semiautomatic assault weapon.

PLEASE HELP: Many survivors of gun violence and many gun violence prevention groups have spent years trying to get this passed including meeting on the Hill with all these and many more Congressmen and Congresswomen. This is literally the last chance for this bill. Let's make ourselves heard!

What is the timeline and why is this action important?

The Congress comes back after Thanksgiving and has a few short weeks to work. This bill has already passed the House and if we lose this opportunity to bring it to the Senate floor for a vote in this Congress, it would have to start all over and get it passed in the new House in 2023. The strategy is to force the vote even if it does not pass so the American public can see clearly who will not protect them. Majority Leader Schumer has promised to bring it to the floor after Thanksgiving if we can make enough noise in the Democratic Caucus.

Who are we calling?

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer
President Joe Biden
Senators who have co-sponsored this bill

How will your call go?

These calls are very simple and take about two minutes. You will get voicemail, or a clerk who will just record your call. Scripts are below for each call and numbers follow.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, (202) 224-6542

Script for Schumer Call:

Hi! My name is ________________ and I volunteer against gun violence at Woodlands Community Temple NY.

These past weeks have seen even more gun violence with assault weapons... weapons which should not be in civilian hands.

I am calling on you to protect us from mass shootings by scheduling a vote on the House-passed bipartisan assault weapons ban before the 2023 session convenes.

Thank you for being a gun safety champion on the Brady Background Check Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

President Joe Biden - White House, (202) 456-1111

Script for President Biden call:

Hi! My name is ________________ and I volunteer against gun violence at Woodlands Community Temple NY .

These past weeks have seen even more gun violence with assault weapons... weapons which should not be in civilian hands.

Survivors have met with Senator Schumer and he has indicated that if you and the Democratic caucus make it a priority to bring the bipartisan assault weapons ban that was passed in the House of Representatives to the floor, he will support that.

Please ask Senator Schumer to schedule a vote on this bill.

It is now that gun safety champions can differentiate themselves from those who are making a choice to continue to arm mass shooters with AR15s.

Thank you for your time!


Senators Who Have Co-Sponsored This Bill* (Phone numbers below)

(Call them all..... even those not your Senator)

Script for Co-Sponsoring Senators:

Hi! My name is ________________ and I volunteer against gun violence at Woodlands Community Temple NY.

In the last two weeks and for years previously, we have seen assault weapons used to create horrific mass casualties on innocent people going about their daily lives. These are weapons that do not belong in civilian hands or in a civilized country.

I urge Senator __________ to demonstrate a willingness to protect us by calling Senator Schumer and urging him to schedule a vote on the House-passed bipartisan assault weapons ban. Senator Schumer said he would call the vote if the co-sponsoring Senators and President Biden made it a priority.

Thank you for your support.


Here is the list of Senators*. Please start immediately and finish as soon as you can. You can also forward this email to your friends in other states by forwarding on the bottom. This is a national effort. This is it folks for this session and possibly longer so please do this! Washington needs to hear our voice yet again on this.

Tammy Baldwin WI (202) 224-5653
Richard Blumenthal CT (202) 224-2823
Cory Booker NJ (202) 224-3224
Sherrod Brown OH (202) 224-2315
Thomas Carper DE (202) 224-2441
Robert Casey, Jr. PA (202) 224-6324
Christopher Coons DE (202) 224-5042
Tammy Duckworth IL (202) 224-2854
Richard Durbin IL (202) 224-2152
Dianne Feinstein CA (202) 224-3841 
Kirsten Gillibrand NY (202) 224-4451 
Margaret Hassan NH (202) 224-3324
John Hickenlooper CO (202) 224-5941
Mazie Hirono HI (202) 224-6361
Tim Kaine VA (202) 224-4024
Amy Klobuchar MN (202) 224-3244 
Ben Lujan NM (202) 224-6621
Edward Markey MA (202) 224-2742
Robert Menendez OR (202) 224-4744
Jeff Merkley MA NJ (202) 224-3753
Christopher Murphy CT (202) 224-4041
Patty Murray WA (202) 224-2621
Alex Padilla CA (202) 224-3553
Jack Reed RI (202) 224-4642
Jacky Rosen NV (202) 224-6244
Bernie Sanders VT (202)224-5141
Brian Schatz HI (202)224-3934
Jeanne Shaheen (NH) (202) 224-2841
Tina Smith MN (202) 224-5641
Debbie Stabenow MI (202) 224-4822
Chris Van Hollen MD (202) 224-4654
Mark Warner VA (202) 224-2023
Raphael Warnock GA (202) 224-3643
Elizabeth Warren MA (202) 224-4543
Sheldon Whitehouse RI (202) 224-2921
Ron Wyden OR (202) 224-5244


From Moms Demand Action Founder Shannon Watts: “We need to stay angry. School shootings are not acts of nature like hurricanes and tornadoes, they are man-made acts of inaction, of cowardice, of corruption by all lawmakers who refuse to pass laws that are proven by data to stop senseless shootings.”


Thu, December 1 2022 7 Kislev 5783