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Environmental Task Force

As we respond to the biblical commandment to till and tend our planet, this year we are increasing our efforts to become a "zero waste" community in both our temple and our homes. Get involved in any of our Reduce, Recycle, Reuse efforts.

What an exciting series of environmental action events happening we have been involved in during the past year.

First off, we participated in the creation of a Pollinator Garden at Anthony Veteran Park in our own neighborhood.  We hope to perhaps do the same on our own property next year, so let us know if you’re interested in continuing that project. We've also been planning on creating a raised bed veggie garden out front by the road in conjunction with Avital Abraham and Sam Miro. It has been approved by the board, and Sam is planning on construction this fall. 

On the political action front, we have been working with WCT’s Civic Engagement and Racial Justice Task Forces on the RAC’s Climate Action Campaign this year.  Woodlands had the most representatives present for the action training, and we have been promoting the use of their virtual action links. Save the date, Sun, Feb 5, for a Tu b’Shevat climate education event that we will be planning.

On our own campus, we have been meeting with Sustainable Westchester in regards to a comprehensive energy audit for Woodlands. Options already discussed include geothermal heat and cooling, solar panel design and layout, as well as additional environmental savings possibilities. We look forward to continuing this process in the year ahead and welcome your active participation.

Your suggestions and ideas are welcome.  

Leader: Kirsten Kleinman,

Mon, March 20 2023 27 Adar 5783