As we watch events unfold around the arrival of undocumented immigrants to our nation's southern border, and as we view the disrupted lives of undocumented immigrants living in our own community, we all seek a way to help. Here are a few suggestions (and, if you have others, please share it with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Let Your Voice Be Heard - Flores Settlement

The Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services are considering regulations that could terminate a decades-old and court-approved settlement, known as the Flores Settlement Agreement. Flores protects immigrant chldren in government custody by regulating the length and conditions of detention, a critical check against the needless jailing and abuse of immigrant children. If this new rule is approved and Flores is terminated, the government could expand its jailing of families and promote the prolonged detention of thousands of children. Let your voice be heard here. (posted 10/29/18)


Support Local Sanctuary

Help to build a sanctuary. Support the efforts to create an apartment in Dobbs Ferry South Presbyterian Church to be available for use by a family under immediate threat of deportation as it fights its case in court. Make your donation here (posted 7/8/19).

Support Neighbors Link

Representatives of Neighbors Link recently answered questions about the immigration situation following a showing at Woodlands of Which Way Home, a documentary following boys from Central America as they traveled through Mexico trying to reach the US. Neighbors Link is based in Mount Kisco and provides services for immigrants throughout Westchester - workforce development, employment service, family center progams for parents and kids, ESL, legal services, advocacy. Opportunities for involvement are great - (posted 10/29/18)

Write Letters to Elected Leaders

Demand that our nation treat undocumented immigrants with justice and mercy. Share that Reform Judaism compels us to act on these families' behalf. Thank them for their efforts to provide humane treatment for all. Templates and more are available at 

Provide Funds for Legal Services

RAICES, a nonprofit agency that promotes justice by providing free and low-cost legal services to under-served immigrant children, families, and refugees in Texas. Your donation helps detained parents to post bond and secure release from detention to be reunited with their children.

HVCC, Hudson Valley Community Coalition works with immigrants in the Hudson Valley. Your donation will help provide legal services.

FAITH COMMUNITIES REUNITING FAMILIES, a partnership led by HIAS, International Rescue Committee and the New Sanctuary Coalition, is providing support services to help families safely reunite, arrive at their destination and receive needed referrals and is bonding out parents from detention so they can be reunitd with their children. Donate for family services and/or donate for bonding parents.

Help the NEW SANCTUARY COALITION reunite families being held in detention centers by donating to their bond fund. This new initiative will help to secure the release of a parent, who can then go to the city where their child is being held and begin the process of healing from the trauma of separation.

Advocacy - Being Ready to Make Your Voice Heard

Keep yourself informed of developments as they apply to our neighbors here in Westchester so that you will be ready when actions are proposed.

A report from the Coalition Against Hate, of which Woodlands is a member, points out ongoing abuses of ICE in Westchester, many of which are highlighted on the Facebook page of Hudson Valley Community Coalition. In particular is the report of a father taken into custody by ICE when it could not find the person who was the target of their search. This father has never been in trouble with the law. Another family being destroyed.


Routinely check the Religious Action Center's immigrant page and follow one of their suggestions.