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Let's All Eat Matzah Together

Eating matzah during Pesakh links us to Jews all over the world. The festival commemorating the Exodus from ancient Egypt reminds us of our ancestor's flight from slavery.

How often do we hear, “Why should I eat matzah for seven days? I can barely make it during the seder!” Pesakh sounds a clarion call for religious freedom across the globe. Matzah is the “bread of the poor” and provides a way to identify with people in need world-wide and remind ourselves that they ought not be forgotten.

It’s also valuable to eat matzah as a reinforcement of our Jewishness. We can recharge our Jewish batteries, proclaiming to ourselves, “What a magnificent heritage I have! I'm so proud to be Jewish!”

Sat, June 25 2022 26 Sivan 5782