Do you have what it takes to manage a web page? Do you have a little extra time on your hands, but need flexibility? What a way to help right from your own home, on your own time! With so much going on at WCT, our temple home page is always in need of update and we are looking for someone to keep the information current.

FUNdraising can be just that - FUN!  This year, we have a number of FUNdraising projects planned.  These projects hold keep everyone's dues down by supplementing our general fund.  The more we raise, the less the dues we pay! And helping to plan and run FUNdraising events is so much more fun!  FUNdraising is also a great communicty builder as well! We are looking for several people to help with our FUNdriasing efforts.

The publication of our monthly newsletter, Makom, is supported through local merchants purchasing advertisements. We need volunteers who are willing to solicit ads in their community. The more advertisers we get, the lower the net cost for publishing Makom. Our newsletter is a beautiful and informative publication, which needs advertiser support.

Soliciting ads can be done on your own time without a committee commitment.  You efforts can make a real difference in keeping printing costs down.

Interested?  Let us know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Get the Word Out! This can be done from the confines of your own home and on your own time. WCT needs someone who will work with the Marketing committee (no meetings to attend!) to publicize services and events in various online and email forums on a timely basis such as Facebook, Twitter, Rivertowns Patch, etc. 

Our facilities team always has projects to help improve WCT. Over the years, this has included buying new chairs for the sanctuary, carpeting for the hallways, updating our computers, creating new temple signage, and cleaning up temple grounds amongst other activities. Many of these projects required a dedicated project manager to investigate and propose options for our Board of Trustees to decide on. Would you like to work on a project in conjunction with our VP of facilities?  Do you see something at the temple that you think could be improved upon? Then our facility team is a place for you!

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