Committees That Serve Our Synagogue

Tent Sale - Chaired by Ken Dubensky.  Huge fundraiser requiring your sweat and time but no money.  Working Saturday, October 7 and Sunday October 8. 

Jewish Life Committee - Co-chaired by Natalie Werner and Chuck Fishman
With the rabbis and cantor, recommends policy and supervises activities connected with Shabbat worship, religious observance, and holiday celebration.

Adult Ed - Chaired by Phyllis Hirth and Marge Thrope
Working closely with the rabbis, creates and implements a vision for ongoing, lifelong Jewish learning in our congregation.

Social Action Committee - Chaired by Roberta Roos and Joan Farber.  Umbrella group for tzedakah activities of the congregation. Subcommittees include:

  • Greenburgh Interfaith Caring Community - consortium of local synagogues and churches working together to provide assistance where needed throughout the Greenburgh Area.
  • Children's Village - providing holiday gifts for a cottage of boys in foster care. Coordinated by Jeanne Bodin.
  • Breakfast Run/Midnight Run - providing food and necessities to the homeless in Manhattan.  Chaired by Michael Silverman and Betsy Schorr.
  • Food of the Month and Yom Kippur Food Van - distributing food to Friends of Karen, ARCS and Westcop. Coordinated by Sandi Lieb.
  • Project Ezra - reaching out to the elderly Jewish poor of NYC's Lower East Side.  Chaired by Harriet Kohn.
    Luncheon Dec 3.  Deliver Passover Food Boxes Mar 25
  • Blood Drive - each year, inviting members to give "the gift of life."  Chaired by Chuck Bauer.  Dates are Sundays, November 5 and March 18, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.
  • Domestic Abuse Task Force - reaching out to families trying to rebuild their lives after domestic violence.  Co-chaired by Bill Woolis, Judy Stiefel and Nicole Lesser.
  • Project Isaiah - helping the formerly incarcerated create safe, secure, responsible lives for themselves and their loved ones.  Chaired by Lynn Goodman-Kogan.
  • Knitting and Crocheting - making homemade blankets for women transitioning out of Hope's Door Shelter.  Chaired by Angela Adler.
  • Advocacy - alerting the congregation to legislative and social concerns.  Chaired by Roberta Roos.
  • Environmental Task Force - Chaired by Kirsten Kleinman and Adam Hart. We will focus on how we can enhance our communal living space at WCT.
  • Hunger Project - Programs on hunger and food insecurity in the United States and Israel.

Facilities Committee - Chaired by Andy Farber, VP Facilities.  Responsible for use and maintenace of buildings and grounds.

Finance Committee - Chaired by Michael Wiskind, VP Finance.
Oversees finances of the congregation, including exploring revenue sources and monitoring spending and income during the fiscal year.  In January, it acts as the Finance Committee, preparing a budget for the following fiscal year for presentation to the congregation.

ARZA/Israel Committee - Co-chaired by Jeanne Bodin, Roberta Roos and Corey Friedlander.
Working to build meaningful connections between us and the nation and land and people of Israel.

Beit Tefila Israeli Concert - Saturday, December 16.  Innovative and inclusive Jewish-Israeli community that offers meaningful Jewish music.

Membership Committee - Co-chaired by Lisa Linn and Jenna Lebowich.
Encourages and supports new members, and ensures they remain connected to Woodlands.

Marketing Committee - Responsible for publicizing synagogue events and activities by creating and sending information to news outlets throughout Westchester.

Fundraising Committee - Chaired by Michael Wiskind, VP Finances.
Develops and carries out events to raise money to defray costs of various activities and works of the congregation.

Journal Committee - Co-chaired by David Bertan and Barry Kessler.  Helps collect ads and put together Woodlands'  largest fundraiser and keepsake.

Casino Night - Co-chaired by David Bertan and Barry Kessler.  Helps plan and execute a night of fun.

L'Dor va'Dor Committee - co-chaired by David Fligel and Chuck Fishman.  Coordinates annual appeal and long-term endowment campaigns in our temple.

Programming Committee - Chaired by Nancy Fishman, VP Programming/Ritual.  Organizes social and cultural events for our congregants.

Youth and Family Engagement Committee - Chaired by Juli Klein and Liz Mueller.  Supports and advances informal social and educational programming for
grades 5 to 12.

Coffee House Committee - Chaired by Jill Garland.  Runs "The Woodlands" coffee house.

Cemetary Committee - Chaired by Bob Apter and Lois Green.  Oversees sales of parcels owned by WCT at Sharon Gardens, as well as setting and reviewing congregational policies in connection with ownership and use of burial sites.

Hevra Kaddisha - Chaire4d by David Berliner.  Provides congregant-led shiva services in members' homes when a loved one has died.

College Committee - Chaired by Judy Flamm.  Facilitates contact between the congregation and our children away at college.  Sends holiday mailings, and arranges vacation-time get-togethers.

Judaica Shop - Chaired by Karen Fox.  Offers high-quality Jewish merchandise for sale in the foyer outside the Sanctuary.  Proceeds support temple's operating costs.