Task Forces


Barnes without Noble, Bert without Ernie, the Mishna without the Gemara, sunrise without sunset . . . . I guess you can do it that way, but they would be incomplete.  So, too, with advocacy and good works.  You can do Social Action with only one of them, but it would be incomplete, like a body without a soul.   We can hand out food week after week; but if we don't address the conditions that lead to food insecurity, we will be handing out food forever.

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Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence can be defined as an escalating pattern of coercive control (verbal, emotional, sexual, economic, physical, and spiritual abuse) that one person in a relationship uses over another. It is an epidemic that crosses all demographic, social, and educational boundaries—and Westchester is no exception. Women are more likely than men to experience this type of abuse.

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