Social Action

At Woodlands we believe in social action through participation. Giving one’s time to those causes that make the world a better place is at the very heart of Jewish life. While we find ourselves transformed and provoked by our sacred texts and prayers, we can transform the lives of others through expressions of participation and giving.

Through our three task forces: Domestic Abuse, Project Isaiah, and Advocacy, along with other independent initiatives, we encourage active participation and are committed to helping others in our community and around the world. Our temple members regularly collect food for hungry families; we volunteer to help clothe and feed the homeless through Midnight Run; we provide meals for elderly Lower East Side residents through Project Ezra and help the formerly incarcerated rebuild their lives through Project Isaiah. We’ve been to Mississippi and Louisiana, where we’ve helped rebuild homes in the wake of the Katrina disaster, and we’ve marched in Washington to protest genocide in the Sudan. Our religious school students are taught the practical and emotional values of tzedakah. Our youth group, WoodSY, incorporates social action into all its projects, often working hand-in-hand with adult Social Action Committee members.

At Woodlands our social action efforts are based on the faith and values of our people, and we can do nothing but work together to make things better for those in need.

In this section of the website, you can find information on our task forces and projects, see a collection schedule and a calendar of meetings and events,, find out how to get involved and how to make contributions to our Social Action projects, learn about the Union for Reform Judaism's Religious Action Center, and read a message from Rabbi Billy Dreskin.


Click Here to read our Social Action Brochure