Hebrew Studies

Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people. It is the language of the Torah, the Siddur, the Talmud, and other sacred books. Modern Hebrew is the language of our people in Israel.

The study of Hebrew is an integral part of the entire school program.Beginning with pre-school and kindergarten programs, students learn the Hebrew names of the festivals, ceremonial objects, and Jewish values. Through games and songs they are introduced to a basic vocabulary and, by participation in services and festival observance, to the basic prayers and blessings.

Formal Hebrew studies begin in the second grade of religious school. The goals of our Hebrew program are:

To enable students to read Hebrew so as to actively participate in all religious services and ceremonies.

To understand the themes of major Hebrew prayers of the Sabbath and festival services. To be familiar with the Haggadah, Siddur, and Machzor, and with the order of prayers. To learn the basic blessings so as to be able to lead home rituals and observances. To have the tools for continued study of Hebrew in the future.

To instill a love and appreciation for Hebrew as the spoken language of the Jewish people.

Our basic text for Hebrew is the Union of Reform Judaism’s series, Mitkadem: Hebrew for Youth. This Hebrew program allows students to feel they are able to learn and be successful, no matter what their level of ability. The program accommodates all students, enabling each one to progress at his/her own pace. The ramot (levels) introduce Hebrew letters and vowels, prayers from the worship service, Jewish concepts and basic grammar,