Hevra Torah Learning

Summer Hevra Torah Learning
Saturdays 9:15-10:15am through Simkhat Torah

There’s abundant room around our table. Drop by once or often, we’d love to have you join our lively conversation. In the Meeting Room or Library.

July 1: Parashat Hukat
Facilitated by Rabbi Lisa Izes

July 8: Parashat Balak
Facilitated by David Griff

July 15: Parashat Pinkhas
Facilitated by Rabbi Billy

July 22: Parashat Mattot-Massei
Facilitated by Corey Friedlander

July 29: Parashat Devarim
Facilitated by Rabbi Mara

August 5: Parashat Va'etkhanan
Facilitated by Barry Kessler

August 12: Parashat Eikev
Facilitated by Cantor Jonathan

August 19: Parashat Re'eh
Facilitated by Eve Rudin

August 26: Parashat Shoftim
Facilitated by Phyllis Hirth

September 2: Parashat Kee Taytzay
Facilitated by Harriet Levine

September 9: Parashat Kee Tavo
Facilitated by Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber

September 16: Parashat Nitzavim-Vayeilekh
Facilitated by Miriam Emery

September 23: Parashat Ha'azinu
Facilitated by Julie Hirschfeld

October 7: Parashat Khol HaMoed Sukkot
Facilitated by Rabbi Joan Glazer Farber