How—and Why—to Give

The center of Jewish life is the synagogue. It is here that values, culture, and learning are passed from one generation to the next. It is here that we celebrate and mourn as we pass through the events that mark a Jewish life, from naming to B’nai Mitzvah, from Confirmation to marriage—and beyond to the end of our days.

 Woodlands is a small synagogue with the scope of a much larger one. We have defined ourselves as a community with heart as well as a Jewish soul. We welcome those who embrace our values of contem- porary worship, social engagement, and tolerance.

At the same time, since our founding in 1966, we have been a center of innovation for the Reform movement. We have pioneered programs such as “visual worship” and writing our own siddurim. Our post-B’nai Mitzvah Academy program has become a model for other institutions. We engage in social action in Westchester and throughout the world.

One of Woodlands’ goals has always been to avoid constant fundraising from the bimah. And yet, the traditional core of our funding—our annual membership dues—are not sufficient to meet our operating costs.

To facilitate giving to Woodlands, above and beyond temple dues, a number of funds—both restricted and unrestricted—have been developed over the years. In addition, to address our immediate operational needs and to create a long-term financial foundation for our community, we have embarked on two initiatives—the Annual Fund and the Endowment Trust, grouped together as the L’Dor va’Dor funds, which, together, will help preserve Woodlands as makom shelibi oheyv—the place that my heart holds dear—l’dor va’dor—from generation to generation.



The Endowment Trust is a separate legal entity from other temple operating and restricted funds.


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Here's an annotated list of Woodlands' restricted and unrestricted funds.


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