Woodlands’ ARZA-Israel Committee creates and supports programs that enable our congregants to engage with Israel – ones that imbue Reform Jewish identity in the US with a strong sense of connectedness with Eretz Israel and ones that advocate for a Jewish, pluralistic, just and democratic society in the State of Israel.

We provide numerous opportunities for that engagement.  Our rabbi and other temple leaders frequently lead trips to Israel; our youth learn about the country and its history, bounty, and complexities at every age and are encouraged to visit Israel through NFTY during the summer after Confirmation; our adult learners are offered Israel-related courses each year; our congregants hear Israeli speakers discuss accomplishments and explore challenges; members are updated on important news and events and advocacy opportunities, such as planting a tree or signing a petition for the rights of Reform rabbis in Israel or for the rights of women to pray at the Western Wall.

Getting News from Israel:

On-line English language sources

What makes the news in Israel is not always the same as what makes the news in the U.S. To get some perspective on what Israelis care about, you just need to turn to their daily newspapers. This list contains the major Israeli on-line news sources in English. All have Facebook pages, enabling you to get “breaking news” – but only if you “Like” them.


Israeli Social Justice Organizations

Justice, Justice You Shall Pursue


These are some Israeli organizations that work for social justice.

You are invited to learn more about them and join in their work.


Reform Judaism in Israel

With over thirty Israeli congregations, Reform Judaism is no longer just a Diaspora movement. Its growth testifies to the desire of Israelis to connect with Judaism as a religion while rejecting the narrowness of the Israeli Orthodox establishment.